VATICAN: Pope Francis has a fever, very tired: has cancelled all appointments

Editor’s Note: The Pope’s health has been in decline every since he took the “Vaccine”. First it was problems with the knee, then the colon, then he gradually stopped walking. This spring it was a chest infection, and now he has the fever. He is so sick that he is not even receiving anyone in his private apartments. The world shall know whether he has recovered or not, on Monday, May 29th, when he is scheduled to receive in audience the President of Italy, Sergio Matarella, and consign the Paul VI awards for this year. If he does not make that appointment, then it is a very serious matter.

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5 thoughts on “VATICAN: Pope Francis has a fever, very tired: has cancelled all appointments”

  1. When this Pope steps down, that will be the initiation of chaos…my suggestion is for the people of God to prepare…God bless…

  2. The 3rd prophecy of Fatima also saw the pope walking very slowly and blessing every dead on the road. Possibly his tottering walk is because of the vaxx damage to Pope Francis.

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