Hydroxychloroquine Stockpiles were destroyed or locked up to ensure Deaths during Scamdemic

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7 thoughts on “Hydroxychloroquine Stockpiles were destroyed or locked up to ensure Deaths during Scamdemic”

  1. This is wicked. …. {For the protection of the commentator, private medical information has been removed}

    1. Now you are beginning to understand that when they worship Satan or Baphomet, they are not joking, they are truly and wickedly religious about it.

  2. Doctors who have done their best at that time are now sued for having treated or even healed their patients.
    In 2020, when all that circus started, I did realize that it was an operation when the media started to say “do not go to your doctor” (i.e. do not infect him with your dirty and disgusting body), stay at home coughing with your fever, take paracetamol (and shut up), and call the emergencies only when you are stuffing. Some people living alone did not manage to call. Inhuman like never before (in our lifetime).
    At that time I understood that something very grave had happened and that all this was weird and out of logic. Then, designed on purpose. But, like you, I was one of a few 🙁
    We will never forget nor forgive, but.. others didn’t react the same way. Their fear was above their indignation.

  3. This is unfathomable evil, even as “unfathomable” has become evil’s “new normal.”

    Satan’s minions have been oh-so-very busy … so little time, so much to steal, kill and destroy!

    Jehovah Jireh…

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