JAPAN: DeathVaxx injured MP wants answers from US BigPharma

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3 thoughts on “JAPAN: DeathVaxx injured MP wants answers from US BigPharma”

  1. I can’t believe any one still believes anything a government says after 3 years of lies and the perpetration of the bio weapon they advertise
    As a safe and effective Vax ….

  2. Japan had a gold opportunity just in August 2021. A lost opportunity.

    They suspended the jab and devolved milions of doses to Spain (Riva industry serving moderna). The health minister went out from his charge. The newspapers talked about metal elements, magnetic elements, wired elements in the jab.


    But few weeks later, there was a statement from moderna and the health institute telling what was find in the jabs was stainless steel. Wonder of the wonders. How can you trust then???


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