DeathVaxxes were deliberately contaminated with DNA to cause maximum genetic damage?

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2 thoughts on “DeathVaxxes were deliberately contaminated with DNA to cause maximum genetic damage?”

  1. February 2023:
    «only one recent study has examined interactions between vaccine mRNA and the genome of transfected cells, and reported that an endogenous retrotransposon, LINE-1 is unsilenced following mRNA entry to the cell, leading to reverse transcription of full length vaccine mRNA sequences, and nuclear entry. This finding should be a major safety concern, given the possibility of synthetic mRNA-driven epigenetic and genomic modifications arising.»

  2. Translation of this “Expert speak”:

    Don’t worry. For now, «the amount of the contaminating DNA is likely to be low». There’s no ethical problem here. It’s just a quantity issue. Now there are few cases but in the future there will be more.
    Klaus Schwab frequently states in his fourth industrial revolution that the DNA editing is to be like drinking water, a common task for every people . That’s what stands for transhumanism.

    «. A recent preprint reports higher-than-expected levels of DNA in expired mRNA vaccine vials, but the results are preliminary and the suitability of the methods used to make this claim is debatable. However, the key point is that the presence of the contaminating DNA is only the first in a long chain of events», but don’t worry. It’s everything ok!

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