The new WHO Treaty is a Done deal, WEF to rule the World in 2024

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4 thoughts on “The new WHO Treaty is a Done deal, WEF to rule the World in 2024”

  1. Last March 2023, every president in the world joined the WEF Forum, even the Middle East leaders.

    One World Government is starting and the end of freedom – owning property, speech, and even our communications ( they are tapped ).

  2. Elections (and stolen elections)- have consequences folks. The so-called election of Joe Biden should have been opposed with every fiber of our being and should continue to be opposed. This so called president (and we should all be referring to him as iligitemate president) is really being controlled and directed by former president Barry Hussein Obama who vowed to fundamentally change our country and this will continue as long as this imposter is not deposed. Also, until and unless hand-counted paper ballots are reinstituted, we will never again be able to trust in any election in our country.

    1. Total agreement here, on my side. The farce of the accusations against citizens before and after Jan 6 also confirms it. I used to think my fellow Americans had the spirit of the founding Fathers, but now I realized they are brain dead, plugged into the Matrix.

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