DeathVaxxes capable of making your Gut-Bacteria into Spike Protein Factories

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9 thoughts on “DeathVaxxes capable of making your Gut-Bacteria into Spike Protein Factories”

    1. That is true. Definitely avoid kisses and bodily fluids of the DeathVaxxed. They are emiting snake venom like the children of the Dragon they have become. Alas.

      1. That’s right. Last week, I kissed (just a cheek kiss) a colleague I had not seen since a month. I did it just normal.. no fear nor wonder. Result: the whole night I’ve got nausea, headache, I felt very bad 🙁 .After the shower, I felt much better. Since last summer I didn’t experience this (during the whole winter I felt nothing after having been in contact with them! ). I guess that also the perspiration might spread something.
        And once month ago, also after having met him + another one who looks like a zombie, I’ve been sick during 1 week.. with covid positive tests..
        I must also say something weird and sad. Those last days I can smell some of them. In a negative way. I must go away from some of them, so much the odour is unbearable.. and I spontaneously mean that the one who smell so much is sick, maybe suffering from a bad illness (and ignoring it). A little bit like some animals are able to do. I precise that before 2021 I never smelt the people!!!

      2. All my work colleagues as well as my wife, eldest daughter and my mother are vaxxes while my three younger children and I are not. I have not noticed anything that woild make me suspicious that those vaxxed close to me are emitting spile protein. Why could this be, when other vaxxed are?

  1. Regardless of anything injected into human bodies by way of the Ai/Bioweapon Injections, it merely influences the body including the DNA…NOT THE SPIRIT OR CHOSEN SPIRIT OF ANY GIVEN HUMAN. The Holy Spirit has no DNA attached, does it?
    We know the human body of Jesus Christ suffered as it was mutilated and destroyed and this did NOTHING TO THE SPIRIT.
    Injection or not; those taking the Injection are NOT children of the Dragon, Serpent or any other reptilian symbol for evil…As evil, itself. The Holy Spirit will reside with those dedicated to the Faith in Jesus Christ, I sincerely believe.

  2. April 2023: the very first thing the CDC slaves killed in Hong Kong are the cats and dogs.

    This tells something, keep cats, dogs, or even birds at your homes!

    The cats and dogs have very sensitive smells and their whiskers, like the eyes of birds are electromagnetic field sensors which can detect anomalies in the environment! Probably the graphene chips might be making noises that makes these animals uncomfortable.

    If you notice in your neighborhood that the dogs are always howling, that is sure thing most of the neighborhood is vaccinated.

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