CHINA: What happens when you do not comply with 15 minute city rules

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6 thoughts on “CHINA: What happens when you do not comply with 15 minute city rules”

    1. The plan is to move all industry to China, put China under complete control, and then use trade to push every nation into submission.

    2. Maybe not the implanted microchips yet.
      But for years now, cash in main cities has all but disappeared.
      Five years ago in several cities in Guangdong Province and Fujian Province, even street beggars were using Alipay or WeChat Pay and displaying QR codes in their otherwise empty “begging bowls” for people to give them donations.
      Visitors from Hong Kong with cash were just about tolerated, but it was obvious that vendors preferred the other payment methods and found cash bothersome.

      1. Most likely not microchip, but probably the 5G controlled graphene that assembles into chips inside the blood ( it even has the brand “IBM” ).

        Fingerprint / Palm print ( the base of a palm is a unique identifier of a human according to security thesis ) / Facial Recognition + the MAC address emitted by the vaxxed = total slavery that is difficult to get your freedom from.

        The SIM registration is overkill for the Globalists. They seem to put it in to test if people are still gullible.

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