SCOTLAND: Glasgow bans “older” cars, imposes Insane fines for daily violations

Editor’s Note: Step 1 to the 15 minute city is first to ban Cars. Phase 1 is to ban “older” cars. — The game is to play you using one lie after another. But the Narrative cannot hide that it is an act of Terrorism, since the fines are £60 for the first day violation, £120 for the second, £240 for the third, £480 for the fourth, £960 for the fifth, £1920 for the sixth, and £3860 for the seventh day of violations. And it continues to double for each day.

I recommend that citizens in the Glasgow area make copies of the license plate numbers of the City Officials who imposed this ban, and get everyone in the city to put them on their cars in protest, so that the penalties can be accrued to the persons who actually deserve them.

Civil resistance is the only way to stop the Great Reset, short of a retort to arms.

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6 thoughts on “SCOTLAND: Glasgow bans “older” cars, imposes Insane fines for daily violations”

  1. Richard Vobes on his YouTube channel has lots of interviews with sovereign men and women demonstrating different operational tools and methods how to challenge all these new illegal legislations such as 15 minutes cities, ULEZ, council tax etc.

    The interviews are UK related but apply across the globe since the system is everywhere the same ie. the same Phoenician families aka merchant navy controls it by their thousands of years old lies and tricks. The system is very fragile and can be challenged and overthrown literally over night, but we the people need numbers of awakened and brave men and women, our little boys and girls and all our brothers and sisters around the planet to do it together.

    I highly recommend interviews with Stan McDonald (legislations and taxes), Gavin (council tax), Sovereign Pete (system in general), William Keyte (Common Law and Constitution), Ruth Skolmli (Law), but also Albert Burgess, John Gilbert, Chris Coverdale, Natasha Campbell McBride and many others. Worth every minute of your life.

    1. The concept of the sovreign individual is actually masonic. The Christian and pre-Masonic idea, is that God alone is sovreign.

      1. Perhaps the word sovereign itself was corrupted by the same fake rulers, and a better word would be FREE. I am free and have rights that come in a package with my jurisdiction, my authority, my court, law and freedom. Basically God’s law. The only operating and true court is in my dominion. My sovereignty. I don’t need to prove it to anyone. The most powerful word that I can use every time is NO. No, thanks.

      2. Yes, the older expression would be something like , “Every individual person is by the Natural Law ( that very fact ) presumed free of all laws before they are promulgated; and free from all laws which are unjust or passed by illegitimate authority”.

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