WHO puts North Korean on its Executive Council which will rule the World

Editor’s Note: Now you see that all the concern over North Korea was another globalist charade. They really admire what is being done there. In fact, they plan to do it to us all, replete with life sentences for having a Bible.

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4 thoughts on “WHO puts North Korean on its Executive Council which will rule the World”

  1. Yes, I’m afraid you are right.
    We can only pray for strength in the endtime.
    And keep our believe until the end.
    It is kind of a privelege that we are witnessing these times.

  2. Of course the Ruling Class Demons wish to enact North Korean/CCP Techno-Imperialist Fascism onto the whole planet.
    Nothing less than absolute power could ever be enough for those believing themselves God.

  3. Bookstores would soon stop selling The Holy Bible when this One World Government starts.

    It is not a matter of “if”, the clock is ticking.

    WHO might have been trying to remove The Holy Bible because it foretells their eventual defeat and vision of The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

  4. Note that most of the countries are near the bottom of the list for transparency and near the top for perceived corruption:
    Mind you, this list may well be argued to be over generous to some countries.
    For example, Australia in particular has demonstrated how corrupt it really is during the plandemic.

    Country Score Rank
    Australia 75 10
    Barbados 65 29
    Cameroon 26 142
    Comoros 19 167
    DPRK 17 171
    Lesotho 37 99
    Qatar 58 40
    Switzerland 82 7
    Togo 30 130
    Ukraine 33 116

    Mean score 44
    Countries with same mean score Bahrain, Jamaica, Oman.
    I don’t know how the voting works on the WHO Executive Board, but if by simple majority, one would only need to buy off the six most biddable representatives, or the five most biddable plus the chairman, if separate from these.

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