With the Smart City, descends the Net of Control and Slavery out of which there no escape

Editor’s Note: The fight that a few of us put up so heroically during the Scamdemic against the DeathMask and DeathVaxx will soon have to be taken up again, in regard to the Smart City Controls. We won’t be able to fight for long, since the infective nanotechnology to turn us, willingly or unwillingly, into mindless robots will be rolled out within 10 years.

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9 thoughts on “With the Smart City, descends the Net of Control and Slavery out of which there no escape”

  1. How does the nano technology jump from one person to another? I have noticed my wife and eldest daughter emit a bluetooth signal but neither myself or my other children do.

    1. That tech has not yet been deployed. They are working on it though. Presently, you have to avoid bodily fluids within 90 days after being deathvaxxed becuse they are likely to contain 53 some venom peptide types.

    2. Flush thoroughly your toilet before and after using it.

      Try to use soap in dispensers instead of bar soaps or use your own bar soaps.

      Never share toothbrushes.

      ALWAYS drink from your own canteen. YES – OWN A canteen ( mine is around 350 mL ). This will be your lifeline in the incoming dystopia.

  2. This has been said before, even the vaccinated dead contains the technology, so never let their blood contact your skin or any part of your body.

    1. This person in the video is not buying things using a chip, but by a device which scans his hand print, I believe. I think some stores in the USA also have this tech, Walmart in particular is rolling it out.

      1. I agree. Mark of the Beast is registering yourselves as eternal slaves of the New World Order ( fingerprints, handprints, face recognition ) after taking the VAXX and by assigning a digital ID to you. It all started continuously and systematically after Pope Benedict XVI’s Feb 13, 2013 event.

        There are two kinds of people now, the slaves ( who we will try hard to pull away from Satan ) and the children of God.

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