FRANCE: Over 200 Police injured, more than 840 arrested in third day of Islamic Insurrection

Twitter closes in on itself; while CrossAzure re-opens to public subscriptions

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Twitter has been sinking into a Hell hole every since Musk appointed the Weffer Yaccarino as CEO.  First, for about 2-3 weeks, conservatives were allowed a lot more access to the platform, then came the boon, with Tombstoning of accounts which opposed the Globalist Agenda. When this was revealed in the code, Musk openly claimed credit for the discovery by @The1Persival a forensic code analyst.

As of Today, Twitter has imposed two new levels of censorship. You can no longer view discussions on twitter unless you log into the platform. This will reduce the reach of everything on Twitter by 90%, since it has such a small share of the social media pool (40 Million out of 2.3 Billion on FB).

Second, they have begun what is being called deadCookie-ing accounts, that is, inserting a tracking cookie in anti-globalist accounts which prevents them from ever logging back into the platform. You have to dump your entire cache and re-log in.

Third, and this is yet unconfirmed, Twitter has begun to block anti-Globalists according to their geo-location and cellphone. They have to re-log in from a different place in space and with a different device.

That is the bad news.

Now for the Good News

The good news is that AJ and I have decided to reopen CrossAzure.Net to public subscription. The site was tested from June of 2021 to June of 2023, by nearly 600 humans. About 50 stuck with the account, and they have all now received lifetime free memberships. New members can subscribe for $10 USD per month.  (Clergy and Religious get free memberships)

This fee is being set so that Ordo Militaris Inc. can raise the funds to hire staff to maintain and grow it. God willing, if it does, we will add Merchant level memberships, so that individuals can sell products and services to other members, world-wide, using our own proprietary tokens.

if you join and help us recruit new paid members, we are currently offering a $5 USD reward for each new paid subscription. – Subscriptions are not refundable.

CrossAzure is the only antiGlobalist social media platform I know of, here is its membership policy:

FRANCE: Marseilles is burning, other cities to follow? Police are arming rioters?

Yes, seems so ….

And it appears that the French Police are ARMING the rioters …

And have military training:


UPDATE: And kiss that French Literature goodbye ….

FRANCE: Islamic Insurrection grips Nation’s Capital, spreads to other Cities

Frenchmen are being hacked to pieces in the streets (Extremely Graphic)

Editor’s Note: It all began with protests that a known criminal from Morocco was arrested. Then the entire Islamic community of Paris rose, now it is spreading across the nation, with looting and mayhem.

But while Paris burned, Emmanuel Macron actually attended a concert. Which makes one think that the insurrection is willed by the Globalists to create an environment for greater control measures to be accepted.

VATICAN: Another Order promoted by John Paul II, turns out to be rotten to the core

Editor’s Note: I understand that many have great respect for the Polish Pope, but it is a fact of history that his book, Love and Responsibility (replete with diagrams about copulation) was given to conservative seminarians to break them down and cause them to lose purity. That the Polish Pope was adored by institutes which turned out to be founded by sexual predators, thus, does not surprise me at all, and I hope that this correlation will help Catholics everywhere realize that he should not have been raised to the dignity of the altar, and should be torn down from there. In addition, he promoted to the dignity of cardinal and bishop some of the worst perverts in modern history, when there were much better candidates to be had. Not a saint. Period. Because the Saints are given light by God to read souls and discern spirits.

BEWARE: When the War in Ukraine ends, the Next Plandemic will be launched

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

At the end of the Scamdemic, I was first to point out the change in Narrative (here). Then after I warned the world about how Skull and Bones was pivoting, I rightly predicted the exact date of the next Globalist project (here), the very day Vladimir Putin decided to go to war: February 22, 2022.

So I feel obligated to my readers and loyal supporters to prognosticate the beginning of the next Plandemic, which as I observed already (here), will be the claim of a Marburg Virus sweeping the world, when in fact it will be some sort of internal hemorrhaging caused by technology in the DeathShots already administered, and only lethal to them. — For more about the linkage between the Scamdemic organized by Skull and Bones agencies in the USA and the Rothschilds alliance on 5G Tech see Here and Here.

The above news, in the cited Tweet, wherein Polish MEP Witold Jan Waszczykowski says it has already been decided to “freeze the war” in the Fall is the data point I take as most significant.

We have already seen, in fact, that the Globalist control system requires one dominant narrative under which they frame all their actions and hide all their preparations.

If that modus operandi holds, then they have to end the Ukrainian War Narrative before they launch their next operation, which will be a Plandemic, not a Scamdemic.

A Scamdemic — for those unfamiliar with the anti-Globalist terminology — is a supposed Pandemic in which there is no virus or plague, but only a media hype claiming such, by reclassifying deaths from other sources, intentionally and non-intentionally produced, as death from the proclaimed plague, so as to coerce and induce the masses to take deadly or experimental shots.

A Plandemic — is an intentionally produced mass die off, caused by pre-determined deadly agents already introduced into the population, which are real, but not necessarily natural. In the present case, they are in fact totally artificial.

The difference in the Plandemic to be launched this Fall is that the lockdowns and controls will be more radical and severe. But not knowing their plans, I suppose that it is highly probable that they will insist on another round of DeathShots to sew the seeds of the next Plandemic.

The solution this time is NOT to believe anything they say, but immediately form armed protests and arrest all police and public officials pushing the Plandemic (Here, where I said this back in 2020). For as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn observed about the Bolshevik Revolution: it could have been stopped in its tracks from the beginning, saving 60 million lives, if only the residents of Saint Petersburg from the start refused to allow the Bolshevik guards to arrest and execute their opposition. Yes, instead of hiding in their basements to wait for it to end, if they made the Guard lose men every time they attempted an arrest, the morale of the Guard would have broken and the Revolution would have collapsed in days.

I know that nearly no one listens to my advice, but perhaps this time around they will heed the words of the great Catholic Hero of Lepanto, Don Juan of Austria: There is no Heaven for cowards!

UK: Scamdemic Tyrant is sorry, promises earlier and more stringent Lockdowns during next Plandemic

Editor’s Note: The psychotic nature of such a confession should not be laughed off. He does mean what he says, and it is worse than you think.

UKRAINE: The Russian Mutinies begin …

Editor’s Note: This was widely expected by many commentators, when the lenient treatment of Prizozhin was announce. In a system of coercion, the system of control breaks down, when the coercing stops.

USA: Crusading Padre imprisoned for saving Children’s lives

Editor’s Note: It it the greatest consolation to me to read the news about this crusading Padre and fellow Friar in the USA. As soon as it is publicly known to which prison the Federal Judge sent him, I urge in the strongest terms that Catholics petition the Warden of the prison to give him full liberty to conduct a prison apostolate, since a priest like this is exactly whom prisoners need to hear from. The Federal Judge thinks he is going to “teach Father a lesson”; he is in for a big surprise. May the example of this Padre inspire a generation of Catholics against unjust laws!

Remembering Dr. Zelenko, one year later

To watch the videos that Br. Bugnolo and Dr. Zelenko did together, click here.

Archbishop Viganò agrees with Br. Bugnolo: Vatican Decree against TX Carmel null and void

Editor’s Note: This Vatican Decree confirming Bishop Olsen was obviously invalid from the get go. I said as much in my editorial of June 1, 2023, arguing on the basic principles of Canon Law and facts. It is not a surprise, therefore, to me, that the former Apostolic Nuncio would agree, though the other opinion was sustained by popular and degree-carrying canon lawyers.