Dr. Rashid Buttar: DeathVaxxed contain Trigger on 3x 5G Bursts 15-18 GHz to release Marburg

Dr.  Buttar explains recent discovery of the Marburg Virus installed in the DeathVaxxes within a technology which will release it on cue. This will result in the death of nearly 100% of those who received a DeathVaxx in good condition (proper temperatures?), and thus be the event which the W.H.O. will use to impose the final lockdown.  — Dr. Buttar was assassinated days after this video was recorded. — THIS 5G SIGNAL WILL BE RELEASED IN 2023, says Buttar.

Since the Scamdemic is a Military Operation, it is not surprising that those individuals who unveil the Military Plan and its secrets, either by direct information or inferring them from leaked information, or good guessing them, become prime targets for assassination, since every modern Military Operation has a counter-strike group which targets Intelligence risks, and keeps track of risks. So that if Buttar was assassinated days after saying what he said in this video, then we must consider the contents of what he said SO CLOSE to the truth, that he was killed to keep him from saying it.


Last winter, Dr. Buttar was found to have been poisoned by multiple kinds of animal venom. Read about that here:

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  1. This patent is from 1999.
    You can find the principle :
    “EM energy applied to inorganic or biologic structures for the detection and/or identification, and for augmentation”

    “The present invention uses acoustic energy the resonant frequency of every kind of specific virus uniqueness under and/or sound-electromagnetic energy, and viral inflexible, the crystal structure of utilization detects, reinforcement, identification and/or physical damage virus structure”.

    You see? “REINFORCEMENT”

    You can find the application:
    “biologic structures such as virus, bacteria, fungi, worms and tumors”

    You can find the frequences (just search in the article for “GHz”).
    But note this “Can use master and laser system at superelevation audio frequency (reaching GHz and THz).” You see? All wide from MHz to GHz and THz. This is why the graphene was addicted to the human bodies. When stimulated from the frequency of 26ghz it multiplies it to THz. Moreorless like a transistor/adaptor/amplifier. It’s a phisical process.

    And then you find the Marburg virus (in the table 2)
    “The wide spiral type 1.88 * 10 of marburg virus”


    And of course maldita.es would tell you I’m being a conspiracionist


    Maldita, do you want to know who is conspiring??? Really?

    1. Virus in their books mean man-made nanomachines. Virology is a hoax and is disproved by Stefan Lenka. Kudos to this honest scientist for revealing the measles virus lie.

  2. This is crazy. Wouldn’t electronagnetic protection clothing be something that could help protect against this? I also saw on a website a mosquito net for the bed.

    1. It depends on the type of barrier. Lead is the best. But any material made to shield a 5g cellphone from 5g signals might work. It depends whether they use high power targeted bursts for those using shielding. Best of all, live outside 5G zones, if you are DeathVaxxed.

  3. If true, the impact would be catastrophic. Beyond comprehension. How then would the “authorities” cover it up? Or would it even matter by that point?

    I’m not sure about this Dr. And I’m definitely suspicious of Bryan Ardis. But I’m suspicious about all of this anyway.

    What gives me most pause, though, is that in our very large cradle Catholic family, only my husband and I did not take the shot. This includes 14 siblings, their spouses, and all their grown children. The pressure from them on us has at times been hostile and is ongoing. The self proclaimed family matriarch is a prominent physician and she leads the charge.
    Yet, I just keep pondering…why are we the only abstainers? There has to be something to it.

  4. I’m keeping my pets close to me and will adopt strays around my yard. These God-given cuties really are the best detectors against the Scamdemic ops.

    1. Las operaciones Scamdemic cómo se refleja x medio de los animales. ? Gracias.

    1. Yes. Notice that I did not use the word virus. Exomes with nasty mRNA and DNA inside can be created in a lab. But in this case, I think the genetic strands will assemble from withing the persons deathvaxxed.

  5. I doubt it. I’ve never read anything resembling any of these conspiracies in the scriptures or any of the prophecies of the saints. I believe we’re in the time Alois Irlmaier predicted

    1. I tu się mylisz: uważnie i bardzo powoli czytaj księgę Objawienia Jana i Proroctwo Daniela. Zwróć uwagę na określenie “Boga twierdzy, którego nie znali jego ojcowie”. “Bóg twierdzy” mylnie przez lata był wiązany z wyścigiem zbrojeń i bronią. Słowo “twierdzą” w pierwotnym znaczeniu konstatuje z “bezpieczeństwem” (fałszywym w tym wypadku) i niewolą, bo to właśnie w twierdzach mieściły się dożywotnie więzienia – wieże. Spróbuj podążać w tą stronę, może uda Ci się dostrzec wiele spraw…

  6. If millions die world wide, what will happen to our infrastructure and essential services?

    1. They will collapse. But I think that not all of the DeathVaxxed will die, because not all got a working quality shot.

    2. Will all be replaced by third world people (their demo exploded and are not vaccinated), mostly from Africa

  7. After 13m12s, Dr Buttar stated that he believed those who have not taken the Covid jab and have properly functioning immune systems are most likely safe.
    He then mentioned that he was going to anounce an effective and (currently) readily available treatment for those who have taken the Covid jab.
    He wanted to make this announcement at the 5th Annual Advanced Medicine Conference in St Louis, MO, 27 to 29 May 2023, but died on Thursday 18 May at home.

    1. Yes, I think he was going to announce to stock up on Ivermectin. But its only my guess.

    2. He did speak about ivermectin for a while, but the impression I got was that his readily available treatment would be even easier to get hold of.
      Maybe garlic, oregano, kefir, or some other all-natural, antiviral and/or immunity boosting edible.

  8. 2019, there were this microwave jokes that would kill humans.

    I think the Globalist tried but failed on that experiment.

    Now they had most people injected with Graphene Oxide, they will restart the 5G radiation joke again.

    1. I can assure you, that microwaves can kill humans, as my father was an expert in microwave radiation. Just like if you but kittie in the microwave to dry her off, she won’t make it out alive…

  9. They know well what they are doing

    The UN secretary general is formed in electronics:

    “licenciatura em Engenharia Eletrotécnica, no Instituto Superior Técnico, em Lisboa, terminando o curso em 1971”

    He “studied physics and electrical engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico – Technical University of Lisbon in Lisbon. He graduated in 1971 and started an academic career as an assistant professor teaching systems theory and telecommunications signals”.


    There was an appeal in 2017

    And at least another in 2019

    It is a radiation sickness: the Acute Radiation Syndrome





    For the simptoms, you joint those of the Acute Radiation Syndrome and some from the common cold and you have the complete frame of the inominable sickness.

    ecc. ecc. ecc.

    FIFTH: (2023)
    “there is insufficient research to assure safety”

    In the uk and EU

    Twitt UN Secretary on the side of the “science” (28 march 2020 !!!) (with a drawing of the patogenic agent totaly identified, for sure!!!)

    José Luís Arnaut (Bilderberg Lisbon 2023) is studiyng the question

    The new situation is that you have not only the radiation all over the places (platforms and anthenes ready to connect), but you have human body inserted with a modular material (I don’t know how to write, I want to say it is a material that can act on this way or another depending on the modulation and frequency of the electro magnetic fields).

    O God, incline unto my aid; O Lord, make haste to help me.

  10. To see what is happening (only in Portugal)

    Mortality in real time, since 2009.
    All kinds of death, but its important so if you isolate one one factor of influence that will the cause)

    See (the cursor on the graphic lines):
    January 2021 (only that year!!! only that month, up to 744 feaths at 24 january. It was wath happened days after the day 27 december 2020, the so called day of hope. Began the mass “v.” for the elder people.)

    And now, see these actual days (e.g. 31 may 2023)
    Still now, you have the “media movel” (on 7 days) at 303,9 that is above of the absolut values of the most part of the years.

    And Portugal asks the WHO to investigate the mortality excess


    telling it could be caused by the heat and so, and so.

    Nothing happened here related to other causes: no tsunami, no infernal heat, no mass suicide. etc. Just One different thing started that day 27 december 2020. THIS:


    1. Asking the WHO to investigate increased mortality, is like calling in Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde to investigate a crime…

    1. There is a lot a speculation and on how 5G can be used to harm and control populations. But since they put up most of these towers while they shut down the economies of the world, and injected the masses, it is clear that there is something inside the DeathVaxx which will be triggered by 5G signals, even low power ones.

    1. Yes, they will use cyber attacks extensively, perhaps to steal all the money from every electronic account. After which they will introduce national income for everyone who accepts the new DeathVaxxes. I believe that it is highly likely that the money you do not get out of your bank before Aug. 31, is the money you will never see again.

      1. What most people do not realize is that once it all goes digital Cash is useless.. The Globalist controllers of the Filthy Lucre can starve you to death by blocking you bank account…

      1. They are trying to hack fromrome today. I have readers across the world saying the site is off line … but it’s not.

  11. This comes classified as “science”, “but not exactly rocket science”.
    Using words like “holy” or “batman”…
    So, what is this???
    Holy SARS Origins, Batman!

    Batman, ok. Then it would be this Batman:

    Of course it is!
    «Batman infiltrates a U.S. Military base and discovers that it’s a deadly strand of Ebola called the “Apocalypse Virus” or “The Clench.”»

    Isaiah 3,12:
    «Youths oppress My people,
    and women rule over them.
    O My people, your guides mislead you;
    they turn you from your paths».

  12. Why highly likely on August 31 and not winter time as before with the plandemic? This would mean many will have time to revolt in a better weather equals more social chaos that the enemy might avoid unless many like the so-called patriots would believe the deception of NE/GE ..ssara and do nothing.

  13. Back in 2021 Spanish scientists from La Quinta Columna said vaxed people who live near 4 and 5G masts felt very ill after the vaxes because the radiation from the masts was interacting with the jabs. They were essentially ill with radiation sickeness.

  14. What happened to our promised Era of Peace? The reign of the two hearts promised at Fatima? How does that fit into all of this?

    1. I think it will come after all the enemies of God are slain, as St. Hildegard von Bingen says, and Melanie.

    2. Before it will be a terrible sight and was said that anyone who sees it will die on the spot … the three days of darkness. The only thing we can do there is pray continuously the Rosary (Sorrowful Mysteries according to blessed victim soul Canori-Mora? ) prostate in front of an image of Jesus, with a lighted candle. The candle was said to not light on homes of people with mortal sin.

      It will be as if all demons will manifest, thus darkness will envelop the world for three days and three nights. Demons will slaughter everyone on earth that is not protected by God. The innocent outside killed this way die as martyrs. Never allow anyone enter your homes during the three days, because you must presume everyone outside is dead. It was also said ( Padre Pio, I recall ) that you need to put a medal of Saint Benedict on each of your animals outside. The sign is that it will be very cold, and the Church is under terrible persecution from the Beast.

      1. Not everything you related about the 3 Days is legit, watch the show about it at OMC Radio TV

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