IRAQ: Government asks International Aid, as Tigris and Euphrates dry up

Editor’s Note: The drying up of these rivers is the sign in the Book of the Apocalypse of the break out of the world-wide plague that will kill 33% of the human population (about 2.5 billion). — As Dr. Buttar explains, the Globalists have prepared to make this happen this year.

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9 thoughts on “IRAQ: Government asks International Aid, as Tigris and Euphrates dry up”

  1. If you were to wager, when do you think would it break out? Before or after August, or nearer to December?

    1. Look for a Masonic number in a date from the latter half of the year…. It will break out before the 2024 elections in the USA, that would be the latest in my estimation. They need the new WHO treaty accepted by nations first. That is the earliest.

      1. Another possibility is that it will start after the solar eclipse over America on April 8th 2024.

    2. Because with the one that happened I think in 2016, would mark an X over America.

      1. FYI:
        The Catholic Church under the “X” formed by the paths of the 2 eclipses is dedicated to St Joseph (patron of the Universal Church)

  2. Does anyone think the drying of the river is man-made? I knew big water companies have pumps that can drain entire natural reservoirs. Those areas also only seldom have earthquakes so it is possible the rich sucked out the water slowly and converted it into electricity and of course their own supply of personal water.

    1. There is a drought, but yes, Turkey is withholding water in a new dam recently built. But remember that the Globalists are Sabbateans who want the prophecies of scripture to be fulfilled, so as to make the Antichrist come quicker.

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