Sr. Wilhelmina on Video, in Life & incorrupt in Death

Listen to Sr. Wilhelmina’s Sisters Chant for the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity…

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5 thoughts on “Sr. Wilhelmina on Video, in Life & incorrupt in Death”

  1. Thank you. This miracle will soon be extinct in our media unless by Gods grace some freemasonic mogul finally uses his intellect and will to BELIEVE the MIRACULOUS AND THUS SAVE HIS SOUL.

    1. It was said in the Book of Apocalypse that their bones will be scattered on the streets while the pagans would be rejoicing and exchanging gifts.

      Then suddenly there would be shaking ( earthquake ) and the sky will open and the bodies will rise. Then a voice from the sky will shout “Come!” Then a stairway will appear, the rest of the world will cower in fear 😨 on that day.

  2. A woman I know from our parish went to view Sr. Wilhemina in person. She reports the body is definitely incorrupt.

    1. Is it smelling like roses 🌹? I saw one picture of a teen putting her nose close or trying to smell under the armpit. I don’t think you would do it to a decaying body.

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