What is causing increased rates of Suicide and PTSD among Military Veterans?

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4 thoughts on “What is causing increased rates of Suicide and PTSD among Military Veterans?”

  1. I have read material suggesting the use of drugs and heavy metal music (diabolically charged according to ex-satanists and exorcists alike) in the training and assignments of soldiers leads to extreme behaviour during combat and regrets and PTSD afterward. Also military working for evil psychopath leaders to kill their enemies and often harming innocent civilians as a consequence could lead to similar psychological harm (also military involvement in child and human trafficking is a reality).

    The banksters hate veterans and treat them badly because they know the vets are capable of dealing with them as they deserve & thus they remain an existential threat to their cult and their globalist death agenda. Many Jan 6 political prisoners are former military and police.

    Good military have to turn the tables on the globalist psychopaths and protect their nations and families from the enemies within. May God bless them and be with them.

    1. You are correct, they have to use them in war in such a way as to burn them out, lest they use their skills to rebel.

  2. Those rock/heavy metal/witchcraft music have an addictive effect, similar to smoking or pornography. Stay away like running from a plague.

    Having an addictive effect they also cause withdrawal symptoms.

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