IRELAND to cull 200,000 Cattle to meet NET Zero Goals is MADNESS

Editor’s Note: Today it’s cattle, tomorrow, you know, its homines inutiles manducatores. — The best beef on the market in the UK is from Ireland, so this is going to hit them hard.

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9 thoughts on “IRELAND to cull 200,000 Cattle to meet NET Zero Goals is MADNESS”

  1. She said it clearly on her first speech:

    “I want Europe to become the first climate-neutral continent in the world by 2050. ”
    (You see? It is bold in the European site page,so it can hit your eyes)

    I want means I am you new dictator.
    Climate neutral continent means dead continent.
    Europe means precisely Europe and has everything to see with cattle:

    And just introducing the speech “Exactly 40 years ago, Simone Veil was elected as the first female President of the European Parliament and set out her vision for a fairer and more united Europe.”

    You know, Simone Veil introduced the abortion (the death) being health minister in France in 1974. Well, I am more the Simone Veil. Prepare for the death coming around.

  2. How ironic. The Ancient Irish were a cattle culture – they REVERED them. It all fits in neatly with the Marxist/NWO erasure of tradition and ethnic identity and people will starve at the same time. Ireland is lost, thanks to the horrible political leaders in place and their familiars in the educational system and the media.

      1. And, ONE MATCH to light the oil to cook it with. 🤮Bet THAT would taste rotten. How do ya like a little diesel with your wheat and one potato?

      2. I keep my firestarter somewhere in my pocket for the near future.

        I will also save some dried tinder/shredded newspaper/saw dust in case of harsh times.

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