PORTUGAL: Bilderberg 2023, news roundup

Who attended this 2023 Bilderberg Meeting?

What did the Globalist Elites talk about?

Interviews by Press For Truth

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2 thoughts on “PORTUGAL: Bilderberg 2023, news roundup”

  1. Again in Portugal

    Like the web summit .
    In 2017 The robot Sophia (AI) came here to say: “we are not going to destroy you, but we will take your jobs”

    Like these “celebrities” (and other more recently) coming to Portugal

    Like lisbon to be a smart city

    Like someone born in lisbon to be the president of Gavi, the alliance for world wide “vaccination”

    first in the B. Meeting

    And told to be the next republic president

    What is going on here?

  2. Just like the meeting in the 1930s, when the Jewish Bankers plotted to control the world economy in Germany and funded the Axis and Alliance, the most popular controlled oppositions.

    History repeats itself. Prepare for the persecution of Christians.

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