Smithsonian Institute defines “White Supremacy”

See how many Marxist errors you can find in this handout on White Supremacy…

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5 thoughts on “Smithsonian Institute defines “White Supremacy””

    1. Hey, you need to practice how to think on your own…. here is an exercise…

    2. Seems to me that the leaflet is describing a skewed version of Christian culture. For example:
      – Win at all costs : Christian values oblige a person to follow the rules first.
      – Nuclear family with 2.3 children: this may be the secular norm but certainly not Christian.
      – Wealth = worth : is a totally not Christian
      – Woman’s beauty based on blond…. go speak to Scandinavians…. they love brunettes

  1. I’m sorry, I could not continue past “nuclear family”. Based on this, the Holy Family was a sign of “white supremacy”.


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