Woke = Marxism, Global Citizen = Slave

Editor’s Note: As engaging as this video is, it is really a limited hangout. Because Woke and the Agenda 2030 is really the Rothschild propaganda turned into a religion for the masses, so that a Rothschild can be put on the throne of the entire world. Our enemy is a family of satanists who want to destroy Christendom and Humanity themselves. Every other actor is a bought and paid for puppet.

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One thought on “Woke = Marxism, Global Citizen = Slave”

  1. The good thing is the enemies feeling so confident they do not hide themselves anymore. They even appear on news as celebrities, possibly anticipating a promotion from Satan.

    They promote LIES. “Wear mask” while they show their full faces in screen. “Get the shot/ NO ONE IS SAFE” while they declare themselves legally immune, and most of all they CUT OFF FOOD while they eat at first class restaurants everywhere: on air, on sea, or probably on their bunkers. Haha.

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