TEXAS Bishop accuses nun who’s never seen a man, of fornication, to get $20 Million in real estate

Editor’s Note: The accusations are of the worst kind of vile corruption on the part of the Bishop. It’s going to be forensically hard to prove his case, since the nun has been in a cloister for 25 years and never met but 4 men in all that time.

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7 thoughts on “TEXAS Bishop accuses nun who’s never seen a man, of fornication, to get $20 Million in real estate”

  1. For WHAT REASON are riches important for a Clergyman? Taken a vow of poverty, hasn’t he? Has no heirs to inherit or to support. WHAT GIVES IN THIS KIND OF CASE or the others with Bishops selling-off Churches and property and laundering U.S. Taxpayer $$$ to the tune of billions by conspiring with the U.N.; an ENEMY OF HUMANITY if there ever was one, to bring-in Insurgents invading the U.S. over the Southern Border…Really, want to know an answer.

  2. What can we do as faithful Catholics to get rid of these bad bishops? Seriously, these Bishops have been doing this sort of thing for a very long time! Shutting down parish churches, confiscating funds.. stronghold tactics, bullying etc.. why didn’t Bishop Olson pray for her, anoint her? I’m now back in this diocese and it’s disgusting what he has done!! There are only a handful , count them on one hand faithful loving Bishops.

  3. At 5 PM, lifesite news shared the news he removed the mother superior tonight. They tagged the bishop on Twitter, so I took it as a sign & confronted him & I quote:

    “hey, name the mystery priest you said did the sinful act with the nun, until then, I don’t buy it at all, besides that waterfront property is worth 20 Million I saw in another report, so you said she broke the sixth, but aren’t you coveting the property aka 10th Commandment? name the mystery priest and show the evidence if she did what she did.”

    6 Hours later, zip, nothing, no reply.

  4. “Thou shalt not” is not a phrase in modernist so called Catholic theology. Coveting their neighbors goods by “grooming ” is probably going to send them straight to Hell. Pray for them all. That’s the charitable thing to do

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