Dear Father, please stop poisoning me …

An Open Letter to all the Catholic Clergy in the world …

Dear Father,

Please stop poisoning me every time I go to communion.

Do you even realize what you are slowly killing me?

Yes, YOU!

I am not exaggerating.

Because every time you distribute communion you first apply a toxic non-edible lotion to your hands to “sanitize them”.

I do not understand what your scruple is, now that the World Health Organization declared the Pandemic is over and that Covid-19 is no longer a threat?

Do you remember that once not long ago, you listened to Jesus Christ and gave out communion without first putting poison on your hands?

Have you even investigated the number of industrial toxins, chemicals and impurities there are in the hand gel you use?

Do you even care?

I can understand if you go through the motions for pay, and no longer give any concern to God, morality or your legal responsibility before the civil law.

But please stop poisoning me.

Also, it is disgustingly and very unpleasant, that to receive Communion from your hands, I have to take some poison along with it, and after the Host dissolves in my mouth and is swallowed, when I get home, that I have to rinse my mouth out and spit it out on the lawn, lest some microscopic particle of Our Lord remains.


A faithful who still believes in God

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10 thoughts on “Dear Father, please stop poisoning me …”

  1. The churches response to the scamdemic has been reprehensible since day one and of course this was all led by Bergoglio himself. They locked the doors to the churches, in some cases all sacraments were denied which IMHO was cruel in many cases. As if all this wasn’t bad enough we had many priests telling people to get jabbed with a bioweapon that literally edits ones DNA. I was livid when I heard this! How could they! Of all the people who should have been warming others of the spiritual and physical dangers of these shots it should have the priests and other religious leaders. I would love to be able to say these guys just didn’t know what those shots were really all about but I can’t. I have not once in my life known a priest who was dumb, nope. In fact many are so smart that they generally get in their own way! Now we can add this continuous use of these hand sanitizers to the list of ways priests continue to be at the very least accomplices to murder, not to mention committing suicide themselves! They need to stop participating in the covid theater. Why has all this transpired? Money, lots and lots of PPE money that the greedy Bishops gladly accepted. This entire event was greased by throwing gobs of money at those willing to put their conscious on deep freeze of -100.

    1. Confirming it was led by (then) antipope Bergoglio.
      The RC Diocese of Hong Kong was first worldwide to implement Covid restrictions, six weeks before local civil authorities required it to.
      At the time, late January 2020, there was no titular Bishop of Hong Kong, only an Apostolic Administrator under tight rein of antipope Bergoglio.

  2. In February 2021 a Catholic priest told our cenacle group that taking the jab was not sin. We all knew that the source of the code used to construct the “vaccines” was derived from the cell lines taken from an aborted baby. The priest argued that the abortion used to harvest the cells occurred many years ago and the cells injected now are not the original cells but genetic copies of the original cells. For these reasons the priest stated that the jab is ethical. But I argued that it is not because the genetic code used to create the “vaccines” was stolen and receiving the jab is nothing more than receiving stolen goods. God is not pleased with theft & murder. Nor is He is pleased when we say “trust the science” instead of “in God we trust”. Altering one’s DNA to boost one’s immune system implies that man is superior to God. That is blasphemy. Why did our shepherds mislead us so badly?

    1. Alas, the kind of clergy who would not object to all the abuses of the last 70 years, are the kind of clergy who would tell their flock to jump off the cliff, if their bishop commanded them to. Godless.

    1. There is more sanity where you are, than where I am. I saw a lay woman just yesterday, enter the Church with a mask, and then with alcohol clean the pew seat and bench railing in front of her, and put gel on her hands. My eyes were popping out of my head, since she must be a hold out for psycho terror victimization, poor thing. The next to worse thing is knowing there is nothing I could say to deliver her from her obsession. Pray for her.

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