Do you know that Br. Bugnolo translated St. Bonaventure on the Trinity?

This book is still in print. There are 3000 copies left in storage. If Br. Bugnolo sells them, he is going to purchase some land and build a hermitage. This book was published in 2014. — Please consider getting a copy, if not for yourself, for your favorite priest, sister, monk, brother, catechist etc.. — Click the link above. — This book does ship internationally. It is in English.

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6 thoughts on “Do you know that Br. Bugnolo translated St. Bonaventure on the Trinity?”

  1. A labour of diligent love for Our Lord and His Holy Saints and for non-theologians every paragraph is concentrated wisdom that will blow your socks off!

  2. I have a copy of the book. It is worth it. It is big and it has taken me some time to finish reading thru it. I found that initially, it is best to start with reading the chapters that would attract one’s attention first. Then when done, then read St. Bonaventure’s book from start to finish. Just my opinion.

    In addition, the quality of the book itself is excellent. Just like having your own masterpiece from the past in your own home library.

  3. Anybody who wants to simultaneously deepen their understanding of the highest mystery of faith, and support Br Bugnolo, buy this book.

  4. Brother Bugnolo:

    Are there options to purchase online w/ credit / debit card w/o setting up a paypal account? If so, would you pls request that that option be made available.

    Thank you.

    1. Yes, when you press the buttons on that page, you will see a total for the sale. Then press the GREY button for pay by credit card without a paypal account.

  5. It took me 4-5 tries.

    One has to choose, after the GREY button, other buttons to pay as a guest, otherwise PayPal still tries to open an account.

    Thank you.

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