FRANCE: non-GMO Humans allowed to return to work in Health Sector

Editor’s Note: This is the lure to get them back into a social-psychological environment where they can be convinced to get the next DeathVaxx against the Marburg Apocalypse, which most of them will do, because they will see, this time, massive death rates. And that will be the end of them, because they can be sure to get the more deadly versions of DeathVaxx 2.0, as a punishment for being psychologically resistant to manipulations.

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6 thoughts on “FRANCE: non-GMO Humans allowed to return to work in Health Sector”

  1. France was the country where the ban of non ogm-humans was the longest. Those brave people (I met during the meetings and walks) was 100% convinced not to do it.. just like us: they knew in their deepest inside, that it was poison. Since their salaries were suspended during 1,5 years (no revenue during 1,5 years even the basic social aids!), they have found other jobs. They won’t come back, so disgusted they are. Top of what, the reintegration was accompagnied with insults from the government + from their ancient colleagues (letters from medical orders and other officials of the profession were sent to the government to ask not to reintegrate them!!). It’s better they will never go back in that hell! I believe that anyway most of them will still be able to take care of ill persons, one day or another.

  2. Not to mention seeing your colleagues, friends, and immediate family getting seizures, deaths, and spreading plague makes me disgusted to look at the TV for telling “NO ONE IS SAFE”.

    I should have thrown out that TV.

  3. Brother Alexis, It works for me. And the horrible PDF Is still there and can be read.

    What is importante Is in your comment: the strategie to convince.

    In the CDC “”””educacional “””” campain the children were psicologicaly prepared to defend from their father or mother or friend that had become zombie and came to attack. So what to do? Just Run? And find other zombies? To Kill?

    Sorry for be writing This. But the campaign was like This. Otherwise if It was not (if It was good), why should CDC retire the material from the net?

    “CDC published “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse” to the Public Health Matters blog in 2011. The post was an example of educational entertainment. It used a popular cultural reference to zombies to promote preparedness for different emergencies and disasters. The campaign is now retired. ”

    Campains / title “Zombie Preparedness”

    Second importante thing:
    Everything of what Is happening was prepared

    1. The link is not readable from Italy. However, I have reported on this before, back in 2021, I think.

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