ITALY: Brecian AG wants to drop case against ex-Minister of Health and former PM for mass murder during Scamdemic

Summary and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The prosecutor’s office at Brescia, in Northern Italy, where more than 20, 000 were alleged to have died of covid had received multiple criminal complaints against the former Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, and the former Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte.

When elected Prime Minister, the first two phone calls of congratulations, according to reports, were from Bill Gates and Donald Trump.

That was in the fall of 2019. And one of the first things that the new Conte Government did was to fund and procure from Sanofi Pasteur a very potent Quadruple Vaccine for 4 strains of disease which elderly persons were often victims of. The funding guaranteed that every elderly person in the province of Brescia would get a free dose.

Then when the Plandemic broke out, there were nearly no deaths at all in Italy, except in the province of Bresica, where thousands died. Speranza immediately had the autopsies of the dead forbidden and ordered the bodies cremated. But that led to suspicion and ultimately to the accusations of culpable homicide, through the imposing of obligations on medical treatment which were harmful and mortally dangerous.

The case in the Criminal Tribunal of Brescia was the one glimmer of hope for the Italian Republic. But since the prosecutors are appointed by the Government, they have the discretion not to prosecute a criminal complaint. And they usually never do, which is why Italy is a failed state and totally corrupt, where no one has rights, unless the local Prosecutor has some political interest to defend them.

So the result in this matter, seems fixed from the start. Speranza and Conte will escape prosecution. Their defense was that they did everything they could to save lives and followed the instructions fo the W.H.O. and responded as quickly as possible. But perhapas in their hears they realize now that Gates set them up from the start.

Anyhow, when Roberto Speranza was in Palermo on May 30, last year, the people made it quite clear that they will not forget, as they nearly lynched him in a protest while shouting: Murderer! Piece of Shit! Bastard!


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