ITALY: l’Espresso accuses Salvini and the Lega of raising funds at Moscow Metropol Hotel

Editor’s Note: The accusation that the second leading party of the Meloni Coalition Government, The Lega, which in the eyes of the Italian voters is represented by its most famous member, Matteo Salvini (of Anti-immigration fame), received financial support from Moscow during clandestine meetings at the famous Tsarist era Hotel, the Metropol, exploded the other day here in Italy, just after the Bilderburg 2023 meeting concluded in Lisbon.

If Salvini’s party should be forced to leave the Meloni Coalition, her government will fall, which would most certainly result in a more pro-Globalist pro-Lockdown government during the next Scamdemic, the Marburg Apocalypse, which I believe will be launched in September of this year, or soon after.

Everything has a purpose. This accusation is being rebutted as entirely false by the Lega representatives who have filed criminal complaints for calumny and libel against l’Espresso, on of the leading Left wing CIA controlled publications.

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