The Scripture that Pope Paul VI authorized you not to hear, today



YEAR B — Next year, 2024 …

Editor’s Note: I have in recent years contended that the Second Vatican Council was not of God, but was an international revolution of sodomites. I have also never regarded Paul VI as a Saint, and I will never do so. The evidence presented above, which is tantamount to Sacrilege (sacred theft) against Scripture, and a grave sin against truth and charity towards the entire body of the Church, in hiding the words the Most Holy Trinity communicated to Moses, is unpardonable and damnable. And to hold it otherwise, is total irreligion.

Perhaps if you have a god fearing priest at your church this morning, you can warn him in advance and have the entire text read aloud.

These errors occur IN ALL TRANSLATIONS, because they are in the official Latin Missal published by Pope Paul VI.

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11 thoughts on “The Scripture that Pope Paul VI authorized you not to hear, today”

  1. They mistook Pope Paul VI as saint, at the same era/generation they mistook Father Josemaria Escriva as a saint too.

    I think the punishment for Vatican II is a huge number of bishops, priests, and of course millions of laymen are jumping to Hell on their own.

  2. Rather interested in his reason for removing such important scripture. WHAT’S THE RATIONALE…And, that isn’t to say it was rational, reasonable or logical. Was a small child and don’t recall.

  3. I suppose the passage of Exodus 34:7 has been omitted to avoid interpretations that do not take into account Ezechiel 18, where the prophet corrects those interpretations.

    1. Sin has a twofold consquence, eternal and temporal. This passage does not deny that. Even if you repent of badly raising your children, it will have effects for several generations in warped social psychological behaviors, warped morality, and a warped sense of what family will be like. And any father who has vices and sins in the presence of his children, whether he sins against them or not, will reap such a punishment. As an anthropologist I see it as highly dangerous to omit verse 7 on behalf of any scruple. The teaching of Exechiel regards the moral order of the sinner. But there is more at stake than just the moral order of the sinner. Sin harms other people too. If we ignore that, then peodophilia becomes excusable. And that is precisely the warped midset behind this removal.

      1. VERY CORRECT! Years ago a small book was published: “God does not punish” was the title of the despicable opuscule. The phrase “God does not punish” has since then become the motto of the pedophile-homo-heretic crowd currently infesting our Church.


      2. I saw one family of a friend in college had their generation end ( none of then even my friend had children or wanted to make children ) because their father had several children outside of marriage. They seem cheerful in the outside but I know they are like having a fresh wound in their hearts.

      3. Sunday Mass readings are spread over a three-year cycle. This system, inherited from the liturgical reform, made it possible to introduce the reading of 171 additional passages of the Bible during masses compared to what was done before Vatican II.

        It is the liturgical reform following the Second Vatican Council which has given new value to large passages of the Old Testament, from which the first reading of each Sunday is taken (except during Easter time, when it is a reading of the Acts of the Apostles). There is always a spiritual or theological connection between the first reading, which gives privileged testimony to the history of the covenant between God and his people, and the Gospel passage.

  4. This is undoubtedly the work of notorious Freemason Abp Bugnini and his nefarious comrades in the ‘Consilium’ that Paul VI set up to implement ‘Sacrosanctum Concilium’……but these despicable liturgical revolutionaries went far, far further than the Fathers of Vatican II had intended, resulting in the quasi-protestant ‘Novus Ordo’which was imposed mercilessly on the worldwide Church following the publication of its 1969 Missal, with the intention of suppressing the Traditional Latin Mass!

    Bugnini [who was in the Vatican’s liturgical offices from 1948 to 1975/6…] was quoted in the 19/03/1965 edition of ‘L’Osservatore Romano’ as saying: “We must DISCARD from our Catholic prayers and from the Catholic liturgy everything that could constitute the slightest risk of obstacle or displeasure for our separated brethren, that is, for the protestants……”

    This ties in directly with the CIA’s 1953 Doctrinal Warfare program against the Church [which and OMC Radio TV have detailed within the past year] and also the pre-Vatican II Jewish/Masonic/Communist “The Plot against the Church” which is extensively explained here:-

  5. ‘…even until the Third or fourth generation’ has greater and more applicable meaning and dimension than simply within a family or blood-line; it speaks societally and is particularly relevant today: we are living in this now.

    Vatican Council II is punishment from God, the worst punishment (bad priests) and we have recently entered into the seventh decade since the first session. Depending on how accurately one can measure, we are probably in the 3rd generation (since the sins of the fathers that merited this chastisement), so there may be another 20-30 years before God has mercy upon His Church. Perhaps not,… the seventh day of the week is the Lord’s; perhaps too the seventh decade since the ‘Cult of Man’ subverted the visible Church.

    In any event, our God is a most merciful God, giving mercy to the thousands who love Him. He has not abandoned us nor left us orphans and there is sufficient – ample – grace in the visible Church left to find the authentic Faith, for those who love Him and His Covenant. Deo Gratias!

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