USA: FDA cancels Johnson and Johnson Emergency DeathVaxx authorization

Editor’s Note: The Globalists are in full Orwellian mode, attempting to cancel history and wipe away all liability for themselves.

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2 thoughts on “USA: FDA cancels Johnson and Johnson Emergency DeathVaxx authorization”

  1. 1.
    It was an authorization under emergency not an approval to use with medical purposes witch is totally different. The formal steps are far away one from another in the way to get aprove (not just authorize) something is going to be INJECTED in your body.

    The application system is random double blind. So, how is it possible to avoid the jab in case of “severe allergic reaction to any ingredient of this vaccine” if neither you or the “injector” knows what ingredients are specifically in that jab (that unit you are going to take)?

    It is like the dark acting as it was light.

    27 February 2021:

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