Why a Catholic Marriage among DeathVaxxed is most likely invalid from day 1

Editor’s Note: I was one of the first Catholic writers to say that the DeathVaxx will make a person incapable of receiving the Sacrament of Matrimony, because it will sterilize the recipients and cause the death of countless children in the womb. To marry such an individual is tantamount to complicity in murder before the fact. But I was viciously attacked by Fr. Matthew Schneider whose libel against me is the top link on most search engines. — In this video, however, I am fully vindicated, because in it Dr. Burkhardt, eminent pathologist, says that the DeathVaxxes cause men to produce not seed, but Spike Proteins, and that their natural function has turned into envenomation of the women they have as partners.

Explanation: If you are not capable of having children, that is, of engaging in an act which will lead to a live birth, then if you do not reveal that to your spouse before receiving the Sacrament, the marriage is invalid. Second, if you are not capable of engaging in exchange of the marriage debt without putting your spouse in risk of death or poisoning, you are gravely obligated to refrain from marriage and intercourse. This will be the cause of the damnation of many men, who are incapable of wanting to remain chaste — a thing which is actually very easy to practice, just ask a Monk, if you want to practice chastity.

Is this unfair, to say that such marriages are invalid or to forbid such marriages? — No it is absolutely just, right, honest and charitable. For we must live in the truth, and the performance of the act of reproduction is not a right but a gift: a gift given to those who trusted God with their health and God with their children. For those who trusted in fear and terror from liars and frauds, they have effectively sterilized themselves in many cases. And thus they have their punishment and in humility should accept that.

Finally, I do not think that men who have been deathvaxxed should be allowed to be ordained priests or become religious, because no man who is physically injured or incapacitated ought to be a burden upon the Church for his support, endanger the faithful with his bodily fluids, or be presented before God as an acceptable sacrifice. For this reason, I doubt very much if the priests who accepted the DeathVaxx can be saved or will have their prayer heard by God, unless they repent deeply, really and publicly. — Let’s not even talk about their endless mortal sins of poisoning the faithful with handgel or the scandal sown by closing the Churches.

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7 thoughts on “Why a Catholic Marriage among DeathVaxxed is most likely invalid from day 1”

  1. Ok, but from observation we see babies being born from couples who were vaxxed. This means that the vax does not fully sterilize. Where I live (northern Spain), the decline in births could easily be explained by the fact that fewer people want to have children. I live in a very anti child society.

    Furthermore, those people who had “long covid” are those who were shedding. From my observation, those were few and far between, and have now recovered.

    Maybe the effects of the vax become more pronounced over time, but we will have to wait and see.

    1. Not every who got a Vaxx, got a Vaxx which worked. Lots of batches were fake. They need to test their blood and tissues for spike proteins, of course.

  2. OK it’s an act of simple humanity to have children. But as the near future seems to be horrible (and the present is not so good yet), where do you find the sacred fire to get children, and to project? It’s not an easy question to answer, because even if you have the faith, you still worry for your children – the ones who are already born, and the future newborns too. If you consider new scamdemic coming with millions of deaths, if you already consider the surplus of deaths now and the plenty of injured people, the collapse of the health sector, the poisining of food? If you didn’t manage to escape the towns simply because of the real estate bubble? How do you find just the energy to do children and imagine they can die in a few months or years because of a fool neuronally destroyed by several injections, against colds or because they are just addicted to several drugs? Imagine a real human isolated between junkies, depraved, bionic humans, AI-slaves etc.? Perhaps you should imagine he will be a survivor in all this mess, whatever happens. But.. questionning all this, is also human nowadays – I mean not 10 years ago, but in the very special situation where we are – isn’t it?

    1. It is always the will of God to have natural non GMO children, for those who are married, and can still have them.

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