Matrix 1.0 & Matrix 2.0: A Real Life Review — Get Ready for it!

Here AJ and Br. Bugnolo review the past 4 years using a comparison to the Matrix Films, and explain what you need to do before the Matrix is reloaded in or after September 24, 2023 A. D..

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14 thoughts on “Matrix 1.0 & Matrix 2.0: A Real Life Review — Get Ready for it!”

  1. Excellent video Brother. I would add the following:
    – Store food in airtight mylar bags that are put in plastic boxes. It is important to protect the stored food against rodents, heat, light humidity.
    – Store water. We don’t know whether the water system may he affected by the cyberattack or not. Best buy or store water in blue plastic jugs than transparent ones. It is a higher food grade plastic that can be reused. Also find natural sources if water (spring etc)
    – Install a rainwater catchment. Rain water can be used to flush toilets, water the garden, and in the worse case scenario: shower.
    – Buy bars of soap. They take up less space to store.
    – Buy a grain mill and wheat and other grains in large quantities. They store forever in airtight mylar bags and don’t take up much room
    – Buy canned meat. Canned duck is packed in duck greade which csn be used for cooking.
    – Buy early 1900’s alcohol stove. Alcohol can be burned inside the house without opening the windows for ventilation. Buy alot of burning alcohol.
    – Fix up your bicycles ideally with hard tires (no inner tubes).
    – Buy a Faraday bag to store your mobile phones in when the time hide your location. Although Brother Bugnolo’s suggestion is the the best : travel without a mobile phone, don’t visit the same place twice, don’t be seen by any cameras.

    For more check out

    1. Well rain water is trustworthy only if they do not start spraying populated centers with venom peptides, which I do expect them to do eventually, but maybe not this reload of the Matrix.

  2. How do you break the Matrix from a person? Shatter their phone. First shatter your your own phone first. This should give a big sense of freedom from the “unreality”.

    1. These are not embryos, because they are only created from stem cell of an individual.

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