WHO to impose Digital Vaccine Passport for all International Travel

Editor’s Note: All nations have joined the W.H.O., except Lichtenstein which gives Austria all the responsibility of its international affairs, and the Vatican City State, where the Vaxx is a greater dogma that the Incarnation. — This means, if you have to flee your country during the next Scamdemic, you will need to cross at a remote unmonitored border and expect to use armaments to gain entry, while taking care to conceal your passage. Otherwise, be prepared to bribe the officials with untraceable precious metals or cash.

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7 thoughts on “WHO to impose Digital Vaccine Passport for all International Travel”

  1. No travel anywhere EXCEPT at the Southern Border of the United States for anybody and everybody wanting a FREE LIFE BASED ON LAUNDERED FUNDS FROM THE U.S. TAXPAYER.
    The W.H.O. does not have the authority to do this in any fashion and it’s time to remove all funding and membership from this OVER-REACHING, CORRUPT, FASCIST ORGAN OF THE ROTHSCHILDS.

  2. Most of the people will comply with it. Most of them, during the big test, didn’t understand (and didn’t wonder) why we did not accept this and why we didn’t get the 1, 2, 3, 4 & more shots. In their eyes we are stupid (mentally deficient). For them it is as simple as that: you go for all your injections (or whatever else), and you get your pass to travel free and safe. Why being so suspicious and complicated? Hum?
    What? Cancers, loss of eyes, schizophrenia, heart attacks and deaths? It happened before. Not everybody is lucky in life.

  3. Although I do not recommend this unless you are well equipped, the sewers.

    The passageways that not only blocks signals from communications but also no vehicle to traverse. I suggest not bringing vaccinated people with you because they would surely die of infection by breathing the air down there.

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