Bishop Vitus Huonder issues an Apologia for the SSPX

 Editor’s Note: The previous title to this post was woefully incorrect, as I let myself be led astray by the title of the program in English, which strongly implied something else. – I apologize to everyone.

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5 thoughts on “Bishop Vitus Huonder issues an Apologia for the SSPX”

  1. The video has English subtitles available. Based on those, I think the Bishop is on the right track. The restoration of the Catholic faith rests in the past traditions and results of previous councils to never erase previous traditions. It is the way to restore trust in the Church. Attempts to eliminate past rites or traditions are contrary to Church teaching and tradition.

    1. I agree with nearly everything he says, except when he says that the TLM is a Creed. Well he said these things in April, before that SSPX Father Mailliard was convicted on 27 child molestation charges. See if you reduce the creed to the Mass, you jettison Morality. And without morality, the TLM mass is like the TLM of the Sicilian Mafia, a public pharasaical show to cover a criminal organization. The Church needs reform yes, but not only in the liturgy. She needs the criminals removed.

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