VATICAN: Pope Francis has abdominal surgery today, will be in Hospital several days

Editor’s Note: All is not rosy with Pope Francis’ health, despite what many media outlets would have you believe. His one day fever a week ago, was highly suspect of being a symptom of his degenerative colon condition. This appears to be the reason for his surgery today, though not directly, since the article states that his current problems stem from an an incisional hernia. An incisional hernia, is a hernia (muscle lesion in abdominal muscles) created from a previous operation, in this case, that on his colon, it appears, since there have been no previous reports of abdominal surgery on the Holy Father. — Abdominal surgery for hernias is a very risky and painful procedure, post factum, since the intricate complex of blood vessels, nerves and muscles is rarely negotiated well by the surgeon’s scalpel. Such surgery after the fact can result in death or permanent disability. Famous persons died of burst hernias, such as King Herod and Arius, during which their entire guts burst out of their bowels. — Men particularly are prone to this if they engage the use of such muscles without proper exercise and training. It’s a common problem in older men, who are overweight.


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6 thoughts on “VATICAN: Pope Francis has abdominal surgery today, will be in Hospital several days”

    1. Oh, yes, I forgot about that passage of Scripture. I usually remember only that he hung himself.

      1. After death everyone has a gut explosion, I hate to break it to you, since the body decomposes. Unless of course you are of that class of Sr. Wilhemina and St Bernadette.

      2. I see, then that 8 year-old (14th to 17th century?) little girl that I saw kept by the Cappucins in the catacombs of France ( though exhumed by scientists ) is also a miraculous sign from God. Source: National Geographic

        None of her clothes, her entire body is perfectly intact, and “smells like perfume”, her skin did not even change color, as if like asleep.

  1. Thank you for informing us all. Your news is always interesting and not news that we would ever hear anywhere else. I hope your audience will support you and your charities by sending you a monetary thank you for all of your work for us.

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