“Father Matthew P. Schneider”‘s unending lies

Editor’s Note: I have put this man’s name in quotes, because I am informed that there is no such man in the United States of his age, with such a name. As soon as I have more information, I will publish an update here.* — The above article written by Dr. Casey, M. D., disputes the lies and misrepresentations of this man over the DeathVaxx and the propriety of counseling its use, of which this man is such an ardent proponent that he holds it to be morally incapable of being refused, since it is an ordinary medical treatment! — Yes. this man also did a hatchet piece on myself, which seems to be his most famous written piece on the net, but the above article shows that the hatchet comes from someone practiced in it, though I seem to be the first victim.

UPDATE — Father Schneider is a native of Canada. His name does not appear in U.S. databases for that reason.

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