6 thoughts on “CIA Asset assassinated Robert Kennedy, according to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.”

  1. I have had my doubts since reading JR Nyquist’s blog about the conspiracy of the Deep State, because Jeff Nyquist insists that thr conspiracy is a communist conspiracy. But this is difficult to argue against. Either the Deep State is Skull and Bones or it has been infiltrated by communists.

    Brother Bugnolo – can you please recommend a book on Skull and Bones? And the Rothschild?

  2. We now know the CIA with the National Security Council and The Council for Foreign Relations was aligned with Mi5/Mi6, The Mafia as part of the Central Banker Family Cartel out of ‘The City of London’ and Basel, Switzerland…Ordering the assassination of JFK, MLK, RFK, who opposed their endless ‘Wars For Profit’ and sought to dismantle the POWER GRABBER ESTABLISHMENT OF INFILTRATED U.S. AGENCIES also associated with the underworld Mafia since the days of the Venetian Black Nobility…The Imperial Monarchs and Peerage of Europe. IT’S ALL THE MOB/MAFIA AND THE U.S. SATURATED AGENCIES ARE ALL A PART OF TH E HEINOUS DEMONS WEARING HUMAN BEING SUITS.

  3. Another good book is “The Devil’s Chessboard” by David Talbot.

    Here is an excerpt from the Prologue:
    “Even in the cradle of democracy, ancient Athens, rule by the people could barely survive for a couple of centuries. And throughout its brief history, Athenian democracy was besieged from within by the forces of oligarchy and tyranny. There were plots led by generals to impose military rule. there were secret clubs of aristocrats who hired squads of assassins to kill popular leaders. Terror reigned during these convulsions, and civil society was too intimidated to bring the assassins to justice.”

    The book is about the conspiracy of the deep state in the assassination of JFK and possibly RFK.

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