Never forget to ask the momentous Questions of life: What is a Woman?

Summary: The question, “What is a woman?” is very close to the question, “Who is the Woman?”, and since the correct answer to the second question names that human person who is feared most of all by the enemies of God and truth, the first question is the most threatening to their brood. — Morale of this report: if you are in a jurisdiction which gives one parent or the child the exclusive right to decide to transition, move out of that hell-hole immediately.

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2 thoughts on “Never forget to ask the momentous Questions of life: What is a Woman?”

  1. Need to get a group together to arrest these ‘Nut Jobs’ breeding ‘Child Mutilation’, Mental Health confusion and deport them to ‘The City of London’, Basel, Switzerland; to the Rothschilds and the Central Banker Cartel creating/planning this DELUSIONAL B.S. and let them deal with the disgusting product of their Psy-Ops they’ve planned as COMMANDED, THREATENED and BRIBED OTHER PEOPLE TO PERPETRATE. There will be no more attacks upon children and all of society with this delusional mental health confusion, Porn, or any other PERVERSION TO DESTROY MORALS, IDENTITY, PATRIOTISM AND HUMANITY.

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