Poland & Hungary take stand against the Kalergi Plan in the European “Union”

Editor’s Note: According to the plan, agreed to by a majority of states — excepting Poland and Hungary, who voted against it, with Bulagria, Lithuania, Malta & Slovakia abstaining — countries which refuse to receive their quota of illegal immigrants, will be obliged to pay the European Union € 22000 per clandestine. — Thus the agreement is really nothing other than a “legalized” extortion racket. — When one considers that the EU has paid Poland only € 48 euros, approximately PER immigrant received from Ukraine, the level of malice in this new “agreement” becomes clear. — An Administrative-Financial War has officially broken out among the members, and this is not going to end pretty.

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One thought on “Poland & Hungary take stand against the Kalergi Plan in the European “Union””

  1. re: Bergoglio hails the Kalergi Plan for the post Scamdemic World

    W_arburg and the Kalergi Plan


    See also: Works of Fr. Denis Fahey; & of Antony Sutton

    Most importantly hear & heed the Words of the Immaculate, especially at Fatima. She and Our Lord
    used the word ‘late’. At Tuy and at Rianjo, Spain respectively, regarding the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    It is late, and time is of the essence.

    Behold your Mother.—Jesus from the Cross

    To friend, fiend, and foe alike, recall:
    “May we merrily meet in Heaven.” —St. Thomas More
    “I don’t need you to go to Hell.”—St. Anthony of Padua
    “To vindicate the honor of this cross which you have blasphemed, may God punish you!” —St. Lawrence of Brindisi
    “May we merrily meet in Heaven. “—St. Thomas More

    Glory to God in the Highest, and on Earth – Demoncracy damned and banned as in Heaven – Peace to men of Good Will.

    We Are Warned, free online PDF. The Chastisement will eliminate 3/4 of Humanity. All of the Wicked and some of the Good Will. Also, Lord of the Rings: Apocalyptic Prophecies, E. A. Bucchanieri https://archive.org/details/WeAreWarnedMarieJulieJahenny/mode/1up

    Pray for us, Mary, O holy Mother of God, that…

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