PLANDEMIC 3 — Entire Video Documentary

Editor’s Note: This video is a psychological-political analysis of the role of the Scamdemic in pushing world globalism, which is a form of communism. It’s excellent as an analysis, but fails on the principles it invokes as the solution: which are all Americanist and Masonic. — The real principle to save mankind from Globalism is Jesus Christ: and only by uniting ourselves with Him as the Blessed Virgin did, in prayer and works of mercy, can we comfort those in fear, encourage the weak and build up a new generation which will not comply with the Satanic New World Order. The Masonic solution is patently a fail, because it refuses the truth about God, the Church, and salvation. And ends up by preaching a different kind of collectivism (of toleration) against the collectivism of ideology. But the ideology of libertarianism and tolerationism are precisely the weak underbelly that Globalism is carving into, through digitalization, transhumanism, and ecologism.

As for the reality of the threat posed by cultural marxism, in the USA, it is now at extreme levels, as can be seen from the yet to be passed Bill in the California Legislature, which if made law, would authorize the arrest on child-abuse charges of any parent who does not affirm the chosen gender of any of his or her children, NO MATTER HOW OLD THE CHILDREN ARE: this will cause massive social breakdown and put the State in absolute dictatorial control of every person who has children. — I think this is the last chance parents have to flee California.

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2 thoughts on “PLANDEMIC 3 — Entire Video Documentary”

  1. Very good documentary to explain the tirrany that is taking control of our society. I think I will show it to my children.

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