Christine Niles reflects on what the Fr. Jackson, FSSP, case means for the Church

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3 thoughts on “Christine Niles reflects on what the Fr. Jackson, FSSP, case means for the Church”

  1. It’s difficult for me to forget what she and her colleagues at Church Militant said about those of us who claimed Pope Benedict hadn’t renounced his papacy. I remember her journalism not being so good in that respect. Good journalism would have gotten to the bottom of the matter and wouldn’t have misrepresented those of us who said Benedict was Pope until death.

    Otherwise, I’ve always liked her.

    1. I could not more disagree with Nile’s position on who was the pope in those years. But I am willing nevertheless to praise her for the good she is doing, which is her primary work. In peripherals things we can go wrong. Hey, if it was not my friends insisting over the space of 2 years, I would have never read the Declaratio in Latin.

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