Soros heir vows to eliminate Conservative and Independent Journalism

If you wan to stop him, at least consider supporting FromRome.Info’s server costs, which are due this month. If there is donated twice as much as we are seeking, we can double capacity, to be able to bring the truth out in the coming “Marburg Scamdemic”.

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5 thoughts on “Soros heir vows to eliminate Conservative and Independent Journalism”

  1. Pathetic Twit is so spoiled rotten in his Fascist Hell he isn’t even thankful for the hallowed-out mountain Daddy built to protect them all. Do believe it’s time to do a bit of snipe hunting.

    1. I see him more as person with deep wounds. He is his fathers fourth of five children, the first of his second marriage (out of three). I doubt he has felt what unconditional love feels like. We must pray for his conversion.

  2. Praying is what we are supposed to do, even for our enemies.
    I understand how it works and why, but I can’t pray for evil, or scum, that have no problems with raping and murdering children, and adults, and for ruining this earth. No..

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