5 thoughts on “The Dangers of turning the Liturgy into an Idol”

    1. If he repents, but obviously a priest who never took it, who is in the state of grace, will offer a mass which is much much more pleasing to God and which obtains greater propitiation.

      1. If he is unrepentant, how does that affect the souls of those attending his mass?

      2. It does not, thankfully, the dead for whom the mass is said get less grace if any. If we are oblivious to his sin, it wont affect our prayer. God might warn us not to attend if it is a sin which endangers our soul, a thing which might come about through some sense of something in the chapel or church being off and strange or bizarre. But even the worst sinner priest validly confects and validly offers the Mass, so we can still fulfill our sunday obligation and obtain Our Lord in the Sacrament. That is the Amazing Governmental prudence of Christ in establishing the priesthood.

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