Video of some of 100s of thousands of Young People Murdered by the DeathVaxx

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3 thoughts on “Video of some of 100s of thousands of Young People Murdered by the DeathVaxx”

  1. Jesus, Mary and Joseph; please pray for and comfort those left pondering and grieving for those falling to their death as this poor soul falling and smacking his face on that wooden container of some sort.
    And, please help those forced into allowing Ai/Bioweapon Injections into their bodies… And, taken from Earth without warning since infected with the DARPA Disease.

  2. Just because it was a year ago does not mean it stopped happening. It is still happening and I saw a horrible one ( bike driver ) driving himself to a truck 🚚.

    I think the news will and still suppress these deaths though.

    1. Was it in Europe? I’ve watched compilations like this one but it seems to happen mostly in asian/oriental countries..
      Here in western Europe I didn’t see that. I observe changes in behaviours and humors.. like being slow, sad, without reaction, silent & calm, tired or suddenly old. Recently I worked with a colleague, she was “normal” and suddenly, she started to speak very slowly (like in slow motion) during a few minutes, and then again normally.. and without any change in her behaviour. Very odd.
      I also observed sudden radical decisions like divorcing or quitting the job without any rational reason.

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