WHO Chief confirms that a more deadly Plandemic is about to be launched

Editor’s Note: In the title to this post, I have translated the WHO speak into real English.

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9 thoughts on “WHO Chief confirms that a more deadly Plandemic is about to be launched”

  1. But why would they try to launch a new pandemic before they have the agreements to force their measures on governments? If I remember correctly, the plan is that they have these agreements in place sometime next year.

    1. I am still seeking info about that. Whether the members at the WHO Summit ratified the changes so that they are already in effect, or whether they need time. Yes, they will wait but they might launch it to push nations to ratify it as a punishment, launching it on those who have not yet done so.

      1. That is a high risk strategy since some countries may get through the “pandemic” refuse to accept WHO guidelines.

        It could be that the election of Pope Francis on January 30th, 2023, and the graces he now receives as a result has forced them to advance their plans since they realize that they don’t and will not control the papacy.

  2. Knowing that communists use tests as input into their planning, it would be interesting to know if there were any previous “pandemiccl” simulations – apart from table top exercises like event 201.

    1. Yes, I believe they have already done a Marburg scenario, which wont be psychological like the Scamdemic, but technological, as they trigger the tech in the DeathVaxxed to begin mass genocides, simulating a spread round the world of a real pandemic, to instill a new level of terror and to extort a new level of compliance.

  3. Can Hazmat suits protect from 5G?

    The aftermath would be that the CDC stations in every country will “take emergency powers”.

    Expect police banging people’s head on the floors and the walls again.

    1. No, you would need a suit which stops electrical fields, made of the material which is used for cellphone bags which do the same thing. It is easier simply to say out of cellphone coverage zones.

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