You have but a few years to stop the construction of these Neo-Fascist Open Air Concentration Camps

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5 thoughts on “You have but a few years to stop the construction of these Neo-Fascist Open Air Concentration Camps”

  1. The dream Globalist wants of humanity is to put them into coffin like rooms where their only access to the outside world is through a smart phone.

    They own nothing. They think of nothing. They “will be happy”.

    That room might also have a built-in incinerator to char the dead so the next occupant will enter.


  2. watch the 1960 s series the prisonner with catholic patriick mcgoohan as number 6 do you home works everybody why did this serie was made with ex spy co written george markstein a MUST … the VILLAGE…THE VILLAGE

    1. I may make an exception to my general rule to eschew entertainment media and watch this. The Wikipedia entry implies this series was produced as both revelation of the method (Tavistock / MI6 – MKULTRA) and predictive programming.

  3. Okay, so my first mistake – taking any damn notice of freemasonic / kabbalistic mind games. My second mistake, wasting forty minutes of my precious, God-given life on any entertainment media, especially when I know it is part of an agenda. There are 17 episodes of 50 minutes of McGoohan’s The Prisoner, DON’T DO IT!

    They want us to watch this BS so we should not do so, we don’t need to because we hear reports of predictive programming and Mind-Kontrolle, we can infer what it is, we know their symbolism (butterflies, masonic pillars (Jachin & Boaz), pizza etc). If we are readers of FromRome and especially if we are faithful Catholics, we have the past three years as testament to the mind-warping agenda of those who attempt to occupy the place of God by their narcissistic belief in immanentisation of the eschaton and “self-deification”. It’s absolutely insane, all of it an appalling attempt to erase person-hood and the spark of divine life within all human beings. I utterly reject all of it and can not ever imagine sitting down to watch their inane drivel, not even as a self-conscious exploration of their revelations of the method (a diabolical trap if ever there was one). If it is not directly aiming at Almighty God, Our Lord Jesus Christ, The Paraclete, Our Blessed Mother or the Saints, or on a lesser plane, pointing at natural creation, including human activities and interests conducive to the good, the true and the beautiful then I’m not doing it.

    Tavistock, MKULTRA and the whole panoply of BS needs comprehended at one remove from their performances, but otherwise TO BE IGNORED (taking a leaf from Robbie’s book) and defeated by persistent, consistent and determined spiritual resistance (and as much physical resistance as circumstances permit).

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