Dr. Jensen: 300 Pro-Scamdemic Studies have been erased from databases

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2 thoughts on “Dr. Jensen: 300 Pro-Scamdemic Studies have been erased from databases”

  1. He seems stunned.
    With the W.H.O. now negotiating to providing “Immunity from Prosecution” for all involved with the Premeditated Mass Genocide; the Scientists, Physicians, Nurses, Hospital Operators, Medical Journals, Magazines and all Media INFECTING SOCIETY WITH TERROR/PARANOIA as well as Prostitute Politicians and Deep State Minions, Professors and Technicians supporting the mandates to force the Ai/Bioweapon Injections onto everybody.
    MOSTLY, DARPA/DOD/INTEL/W.H.O. of the U.S. and the U.K. equally responsible for the design and implementation of the Ai/Bioweapon Injections and CONTINUE to be responsible for the GEO-ENGINEERING AND POISONING OF THE AIR VIA AIRPLANE SPRAYING AND INJECTIONS BEING GIVEN TO ANIMALS; both wild and domesticated. And, POISONS PLACED IN WATER SUPPLIES. There are many out in the public paid to cover-up the EVIDENCE OF DELIBERATE CRIMES AGAINST ALL LIFE ON EARTH AS WELL AS TREASON.

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