Pfizer’s CEO was inspired to work with DeathVaxxes because of his heritage

Editor’s Note: Here is one of those stories which I missed 18 months ago. If a Christian published this he would be called an anti-semite. But there you have it in black and white. I am sure, however, that Dr. Zelenko would disagree.

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8 thoughts on “Pfizer’s CEO was inspired to work with DeathVaxxes because of his heritage”

      In the Gospel of John 8:43-47 he called Oral Tradition Jews, who became Talmudic Jews, the Spawn of Satan aka the Devil’s children. In Matthew 15:1-20; Matthew 23:1-39, he said they were not of God.
      Jesus was of JUDAH and he was dealing with people who were neither from ISRAEL or JUDAH.
      The converted Edomites with their numerical superiority became the dominant in the land. The Scriptures refer to a class of persons who were not of Israel nor Judah: they are called “the inhabitants of Jerusalem” and in a number of cases contrasted with Judah and Israel; the following; Isaiah 5:3, 8:141 22:21; Jeremiah 17:25, 35:13; Ezekiel 11:15, 15:67; Zechariah 12:7-10.

      1. Actually, as I have said many times, the word, “Jew” is not found in the New Testament. The greek word, “Iudaeois” means an inhabitant of Judea, the Roman Province. I have never heard of the assertion that Edomites became dominant under Herod, but as he was an Idumean on his father’s side, it is quite possible.

  1. Ugh, scrolling through the news articles in that rag is rollcall of moral and religious inversion and perversion

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