ITALY: Death of Forza Italia Leader, Berlusconi, puts Meloni Coalition in jeopardy

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Due to the necessity of Globalists to control the Catholic Church during a Plandemic, it is now not surprising that Salvini’s exclusion from government in the summer of 2019 was the necessary per-requisite for launching the Scamdemic. — And Now, as the Marburg Plandemic is expected to be launched later this year — perhaps as early as September — it is vital to the globalists to have a Maximalist Lock-down govt in Italy.  But the Meloni coalition (Fratelli d’Italia + Lega + Forza Nuova) which holds a tiny majority in both houses of Parliament tend to be minimalist on this issue, so it is a political necessity that her government be caused to fall. — Thus it was also not surprising that Berlusconi came down with leukemia after his 3rd DeathBooster (they gave him a real one this time), because with the leader of Forza Nuova now deceased, that party risks disintegration. — The only way Meloni could escape this is call a general election as soon as possible, but will the Globalists permit her to do that, before the Plandemic is launched? Otherwise, if her govt. fails a vote of confidence in Parliament, a Left-Wing govt. might arise, just as in 2019, led by the same neo-fascist-marxists of the PD and 5 Stelle, who most certainly will force the Church under any pope to comply.

There has not been a regular general election in Italy since 2018, since the recent election in 2022 was a snap-election intended to prevent new parties from qualifying (a considerably difficult task, which requires 50+ thousand notarized signatures in each of 18 regions of Italy).

If Meloni really wanted to be a thorn in the side of the Globalist project — a thing which most Italians strongly doubt — she would call a general election and perhaps make it easier for new parties to qualify. That would result in a stronger coalition for her alliance, I believe, because the new parties would see her naturally as their ally.

Note: A Scamdemic is a faked pandemic, in which there never was a real biological threat. A Plandemic is the organized mass culling of the masses by means of artificially injected or sprayed noxious agents.

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