Bill Gates is building a Sky Net to surveil every Square-Inch of Planet Earth

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6 thoughts on “Bill Gates is building a Sky Net to surveil every Square-Inch of Planet Earth”

  1. Trees are not enough. Just say NO. FYI, Google street view is not available in Germany. Because the government has forbidden it.

  2. Satellites are fake as a retired Air Force pilot disclosed in a declassified government document. They use high altitude balloons and aircraft to get “satellite” photos. His job was to travel to locations where their high altitude balloons were losing helium and about to come down or had come down and collect them. Nasa consumes massive amounts of helium annually. And google (or should I say gulag) had a balloon project which failed seeking to bring cell phone service to remote parts of Africa — if satellites exist why would such a dumb project be proposed?

    1. Cameras mounted on baloons can obtain weather data that satellite cannot. The US govt spends a lot of money monitoring the weather world wide for a variety of reasons, one of which is that their navy sails everywhere.

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