Real Video of Student Expulsion for saying there are only 2 genders: Mearns Academy, Scotland

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8 thoughts on “Real Video of Student Expulsion for saying there are only 2 genders: Mearns Academy, Scotland”

  1. Very good answers from the young man who got kicked ot of class. It’s amazing the difficulty the teacher has to respond logically.

  2. He he he. The teatcher is right:
    «I am stating what is National School Authority Policy. […] [and].
    Not every policy is scientific».

    He, he, he.

  3. It’s a good thing to get out of those propaganda asyleums. Those houses are not schools anymore. Best thing would be to erase from the walls, the words “schools”, “college” etc.

    But the worst and saddest thing, is that there are no strikes from parents, no coups, nothing. Silent accepting. Slow consent.

    Quote from Henri de Montherland, in French: “Quand la bêtise gouverne, l’intelligence est un délit.”
    (When stupidity governs, being intelligent is a crime).

    Wokism is a fake ideology. It’s a consequence of being stupid. It’s the number of ignorant people, who have taken the power by replacing culture, intelligence, philosophy, history, sciences, all those matters where they can’t succeed, because they are too low-level, by a false matter, which is the bottom of intellectual consideration (they do exist only by their primitive desires (sex and eat), and worse, guided by the propaganda who uses them to fight humanity).
    The fools are now on the top of a lot of organizations. Because they hire between themselves! It won’t be so hard to hunt them. As they are stupid. Mean and stupid, but above all terribly stupid. Logic won’t be a weapon. But just hunt them, primitively. Because this is the only thing they would be able to understand. So, let’s have some fun!

    1. The Globalist slaves act like animals, believed they are animals, and are now earmarked as animals. Soon they will be butchered by the plandemic, like animals.

      This is a spiritual war versus the godless.

  4. NOBODY ASKS WHERE THIS POLICY ORIGINATES? WHO PUTS IT INTO PLACE? Time to terminate those perpetrating these delusions, lies and propaganda to drive citizens insane and DESTROY CULTURE…THE DEMONS WEARING HUMAN BEING SUITS ATTEMPTING TO DESTROY AND STEAL GOD’S CREATION…The Pedophiles, Baby-Blood Drinkers and Sadists eating screaming babies and children they’ve tortured. THOSE SEEKING TO DARKEN THE LIGHT IN THE WORLD WITH TERROR, HORROR AND EVIL TO MATCH HELL.


  5. The student got a free ticket out from the society enslaved by Satan. What is more, he gets to preserve his sober and intelligent mind. A gift from God for choosing what is right.

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