USA: Most Popular English Dictionary changed definition of “Vaccine” to fit the Scamdemic

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5 thoughts on “USA: Most Popular English Dictionary changed definition of “Vaccine” to fit the Scamdemic”

  1. 198 replies from Tweet just shows how the world does not care if what they receive is a poison.

    Youths today are so pitiful because of the lies they are being “educated” into. However, if that youth emerges miraculously with a heroic Christian upbringing, then he would be a saint.

  2. WHO Vaccines Explained series

    Note the date of the first articles:
    8 DECEMBRE 2020 Immaculate Conception

    And then

    Human augmentation
    13 MAY 2021 Our Lady of Fatima

    connected to all the agenda (related contents)

    (Search inside the document for “vaccines”).

    Genesis 3,15

  3. Changing definitions is yet another tool; an imperative for Mass Deception/ Propaganda and if it isn’t enough…REMOVING PORTIONS OF THE BIBLE; ESPECIALLY THE GOSPELS IS THE MOST THREATENING ASPECT OF CULTURAL INDOCTRINATION/BRAINWASHING. Luckily, we have thousands of years of Bibles available for proper and accurate knowledge of God and our culture. The filthy and heinous won’t matter in the end. They have no discipline or survival skills; their manipulations, lies and past ‘False Flag Games’ are now known and it’s becoming common knowledge to even the most illiterate and poverty stricken. The more all are threatened as a group…THE MORE ALL WILL COME TO UNITE REGARDLESS OF MINORITY STATUS.

    Anything seems allowable to create the appearance of credibility, and cover-up the truth to sheild the evil perpetrating PREMEDITATED MASS GENOCIDE/WORLD SLAVERY towards achieving the shared dream of the Rothschilds/Imperial-Feudal U.K. of Absolute Power of World Colonization placing EVIL FASCISTS AS THE NORM TO BE WORSHIPPED.

    So disgusting and repulsive…”FAST AND PRAY”. Instead of 1 hr, make it two for prayer and instead of merely Fri. also add Wed. or another day to increase the ‘FAST’. God’s Warriors MUST REMAIN DILIGENT AND CONTINUE TO BATTLE ON.

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