FRANCE: The Monstrous Demonic Sanctuary of the Restored Notre Dame revealed

But here below is what the Sanctuary looked like in the time of Sts. Thomas Aquinas and Bonaventure, when they studied at Paris, according to the Dictionary and Rational of French Ecclesiastical Architecture (Here):

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10 thoughts on “FRANCE: The Monstrous Demonic Sanctuary of the Restored Notre Dame revealed”

    1. I agree. One can only hope that some “terrorist” takes a sledge hammer to it while yelling “Allu akbar”….

  1. All that talk of restoring the Cathedral to its original state…. and then those horrible proposals some years ago….. and then this rubbish…..

  2. The old church I attended to had tiles patterned like this.

    It also has a lot of triangular symbols on the rooftops, told me they represent the trinity. Is it Masonic?

    The only difference is the altar, because at least it has the tabernacle at the center.

  3. According to the UN, taking children to church is a “violation of human rights”

    The infiltration, the subversion, the perversion is deeper and higher than we ‘useless eaters’ imagine.

    A search for ‘Rianjo’ @ results in ‘An error was encountered.’ & ‘The action you have requested is not allowed.’
    Rianjo is where Our Lord advised and warned the Hierarchy, bottom to top, (no quotes – what He tells one, He tells all, as He pleases), that choices have consequences. The Errors ‘Russia’ is spreading throughout the whole world, are the same Errors the ‘world’ imposed on her. ‘Russia’ and her ‘partners’. WeFrs.

    The 3rd Secret of Fatima
    Frere Michel de la Sainte Trinite

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